Banners stolen from North Kehoe Field, soccer coaches “disappointed”

Recently, in an effort to make North Kehoe a better environment for athletic competitions, the field was decorated with new banners. However, just two weeks after the banners were put up, three of them have been stolen. Brian Wiese and Dave Nolan, the coaches for the Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams respectively, are pretty upset about the theft.

Both their teams play on the field and helped raise money for the banners. The coaches are so irritated that they have released the following open letter to the Georgetown community:

Dave and I write to you today with a real sense of disappointment. I’ve coached the men’s soccer program here at Georgetown for the past four years, Dave has coached the women’s soccer program for six years and we’ve always appreciated the support shown for our teams. The Georgetown students have been great – vocal, enthusiastic and involved and it has been a major factor in the success we’ve enjoyed. So why are we disappointed?

Within two weeks of decorating the field, three banners have been stolen from North Kehoe. Two 6X10 banners (Jack and the Georgetown G) as well as an 8×68 foot windscreen proclaiming “North Kehoe Field, Home of the Hoyas”.

Dave and I and the members of both our teams were involved in fundraising to pay for those banners in order to dress up our home field, hoping to both make a better environment for competition and to give recruits a better impression of Georgetown. We hoped to capitalize upon and add to student spirit as they root for the Hoyas. Now somebody has taken them. I don’t know if it was a joke, but nobody’s laughing. I don’t know if it was a prank, but nobody here is enjoying it. I don’t know if it was supposed to be cool, but it is not.

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Initially our reaction was one of shock and outrage. We start enhancing the fan experience by decorating the field and some unthinking individual takes the banners for themselves. Then there was frustration and anger. Any momentum we were building is suddenly stopped by somebody who just doesn’t get it and we’re back to showing recruits a field without that Georgetown identity. Now we’re just disappointed. Are there some Georgetown students who secretly want us to fail or do they just not care what impact their actions have?

We’ve never done anything like this before, but we want your help to get those banners back. Somebody took them. Somebody knows who has them. Somebody has talked about stealing them or has tried to display them (although where you can hang a 68 foot windscreen is a mystery.) Bring them back. Tell whoever took them it’s not cool and to bring them back. Please. It was stupid and hurtful to take them and it makes the school look cheap and tawdry. Have some pride in your classmates and your teams. Show that you understand what “We are Georgetown” means. Bring the banners back.

Dave Nolan—Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Brian Wiese—Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

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