Neighbors just as angry about rats as students are

GUSA Senators aren’t the only ones concerned about rats—members of the Georgetown Forum listserv are being plagued by rodents as well.

One Georgetown resident sent out a message to the listserv informing them of his significant rat problems:

It seems to me that somehow there needs to be a community wide rat eradication program.

We have a never ending supply of monster sized ravenous rats boring through the walls of my house. I have already spent a considerable amount of money on this problem, but as long as the whole neighborhood is over run with rats, I think problems will continue to arise.

In addition to being disgusting and repulsive, this can’t be very sanitary.

And this neighbor has a novel possible solution:

Incidentally in Florida we don’t see many rats because the snakes eat them. Snakes are clean and solitary creatures but arouse strong passions. But the easiest way to control the rats would be to repopulate Georgetown with some appropriate snake species.

Don’t know what could be done, but it seems to me an important problem to deal with.

8 Comments on “Neighbors just as angry about rats as students are

  1. @Pabs – Duh. Clearly I’m not forward-thinking enough.

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  3. Is it unreasonable that we hire some students to train an elite squad of cute, rat-hunting cats?

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