Bias Related Assault at 36th and N Streets

Early this morning a student was assaulted at 36th and N Streets by an unknown male after being asked repeatedly “Are you a homo?” according to a DPS Public Safety Alert.

According to the PSA:

On November 1, 2009 at approximately 1:32 a.m., witnesses reported to DPS that a student walking in the area of 36th & N Streets, NW was assaulted by an unknown male. Immediately prior to the assault, the suspect asked the victim several times, “Are you a homo?” The suspect fled the scene after physically assaulting the victim.

DPS and GERMS responded to the scene. GERMS transported the victim to Georgetown University Hospital for treatment of the injuries sustained in the assault. DPS gathered information from witnesses and notified MPD. The investigation is ongoing.

According to the PSA, the suspect is described as “a white male with red and white face paint, wearing a black leather jacket.”

This is the second reported bias-related assault this week.  Another student was assaulted on Canal Road on Tuesday because she was wearing a pro-gay rights t-shirt.

55 Comments on “Bias Related Assault at 36th and N Streets

  1. As an alumna, I am outraged by the recent attackes on and near campus and hope and expect that the perpetrator(s) will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The fact that this is even happening is a mar on the reputation of a great University and shows intolerance that should not be present there. If it doesn’t stop soon and a strong message isn’t sent from its leaders against these actions, I fear for the University’s future among the greater institutions of higher learning.

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  3. Sign this petition to protest these heinous acts, and while you’re at it check out the links to other articles and video I’ve collected on my blog (, and read my poem (yes, maybe a little lame, but I thought it an appropriate way to express myself) about the attacks. Leave comments to let me know what you think, and SIGN THE PETITION (copies will automatically got to President DeGioia asking him to take action on the issues raised by students at the various meetings and in the open letter).

    As a Georgetown alum, I’m proud of the way students have responded to these attacks (except for the likes of you, Rick P, for which you are featured prominently in my commentary). Good job!

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