Remix Your Weekend: Weezer + Weezyer

The first of this week’s songs is a rather interesting track from Weezer’s recently dropped Raditude, I Can’t Stop Partying featuring Lil’ Wayne. I don’t even really know where to start with this track, it is nothing like anything Weezer has released to date.

The crunk rap lyrics (“Just follow the smoke, they’re bringing bottles of the Goose, and all the girls in the corner getting’ loose”), and club beatz coupled with Lil Wayne’s late addition create a catchy, danceable Weezer creation. And die-hard Weezer fans: inhale, exhale, and don’t worry; I’m pretty sure Rivers is just messing around with this album.

Oddly enough, I also stumbled upon a Weezer/Weezy mash-up album that made my ears smile even when mid-terms were getting me down. The track I decided to post from it, Mrs. Officer Turned and Left Me Here, is a tactfully mashed song.

Mash DJ Mole Star’s tag line for the album definitely rings true: “what Lil’ Wayne’s rock album should sound like.” The rest of the album can be downloaded here.

Editor’s Note: Sorry all for the delayed posting.  Remix Your Weekend will be back to its regularly scheduled Saturday posting this weekend!

3 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Weezer + Weezyer

  1. Good heavens, it’s not 1997 anymore. Is anyone still a “die-hard Weezer fan”?

  2. Aha, they exist I’m sure. At the very least, the point (If a bit exaggerated) I was trying to get across was just that people who were / are fond of Weezer may be / are a little peeved about the new album (even though simply as a pop album it’s pretty catchy)

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