Trojan gives Georgetown a 2.1 GPA on Sexual Health Report Card

Trojan just released its annual Sexual Health Report Card for colleges and universities and once again Georgetown is near the bottom of the pack.  This year we received a “GPA” of 2.13 and we’re ranked 121 out of 141 schools that participated, up three from last year.

The rankings measure the “access and availability of sexual health information and resources.”  They are based on student opinion, health center policies, availability of contraceptives and STD testing, presence of advising and support resources.

Although Georgetown is lagging in the overall rankings, our standing improves when you look at how we’re doing compared to other religious schools.  Of the 14 religiously affiliated colleges and universities that were ranked, Georgetown was the 4th highest ranked.  We are also the high ranked Catholic school on the list.

5 Comments on “Trojan gives Georgetown a 2.1 GPA on Sexual Health Report Card

  1. wow. this whole scheme is absolutely shameless of trojan. why don’t they just name it the “how well can students access trojan brand condoms” report card. this kind of marketing is simply pathetic.

  2. furthermore, if you look at the article, BYU is at the bottom, with south carolina at the top. Call me reckless, but I think it’s safe to assume there are more STDs floating around the game cock population than at BYU. This report fails to take in to account university culture and completely misses the point.

  3. The Hoya and Voice both report the Trojan report card every year like it matters AT ALL. It’s a gimmick, people!

  4. Even if this is some kind of marketing promotion it brings to light a greater issue surrounding the campus: sexual health. Georgetown does not facilitate safe sexual practices to the extent our peer institutions do. Naturally, we are a Catholic institution so change at the Vatican level is a necessity but there is some legitimacy to reports like these.

  5. Smart college students need advice on safe sex practices? Really? If Georgetown sold condoms on campus and promoted safe sex, there would be a sudden realization by 6500 students that condoms exist? “Oh my goodness, I had no idea. It’s a good thing someone said something.” Seriously?

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