Remix Your Weekend: Ke$ha Remix and New Hood Internet

This week is a week of looking back, a week of reflection, if you will, as both the featured songs actually in one way or another link back to previous posts of mine. So, let us go together on a little journey down memory lane.

Some (though not many I’m sure) may remember my original post of Ke$ha’s “Tick Tock”, it was a great mid-summer club drop from an LA girl with a whole lot of potential. Well now a Fred Falke has brought his remix skillz to her track,  and it’s available on the interweb along with a pretty sweet music video.

Ke$ha is everything that makes a pop-diva these days: blonde, hawt mess, who seemingly doesn’t give a fuck. I originally expected this song to have caught on by now, but I’m still holding on to it, and still expect it to gain notoriety over the course of the year.

The second track, from the amazingly talented DJ duo The Hood Internet, mashes Duck Sauce and Consequence up like potatoes (corny I know, but I’m standing by the lame joke). The funky instrumental from “Anyway” could very well go with a large number of Hip Hop raps; however, team appropriately picked Consequence’s “Whatever U Want,” to fulfill all their lyrical needs. The obvious overlap of lyrics makes for a smooth mash, listenable, and, most importantly, danceable mash. Long live The Hood Internet.

Hope those tracks satiate some of your new song needs. And until next week keep it real, while keepin’ it safe.

One Comment on “Remix Your Weekend: Ke$ha Remix and New Hood Internet

  1. tik tok is my new dance jam, scott. very legit choice.

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