DeGioia 63rd highest paid private university president

Makin’ bank

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released its database of executive compensation at colleges and universities for the 2007-08 school year and Georgetown’s own John DeGioia isn’t doing too poorly for himself.

With a total compensation of $642,582 (that’s $607,939 in pay and 34,643 in benefits), DeGioia was the 63rd highest paid private university president in the country in 2007-08, according to the Chronicle‘s data.  That salary was a $50,965 upgrade from what he received during the 2006-07 school year.

But DeGioia was outdone in the District by the president of American University, Cornelius Kerwin, who was the fifth highest paid private university president with $1,419,339 in total compensation.  The real record-holder, though, was George Washington University’s former president, Stephen J. Trachtenberg.  With a total compensation of $3.7 million, Trachtenberg was the high paid current or former university president by a margin of $2 million.

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5 Comments on “DeGioia 63rd highest paid private university president

  1. And yet so many students bitch about DeGioia. Give the man a break. He has a done a pretty good job on a no so competitive salary. I’m actually surprised and impressed.

  2. Apparently I can not type comprehensible english at 11 in the morning.

  3. DeGioa is actually paid more than Kerwin at AU, making him the second highest paid Univ. President in DC. The figure for Kerwin is extraordinarily high because he cashed in his differed compensation account this year which totaled over $800,000.

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