Jack lagging in favorite canine college mascot contest

Jack the Bulldog

Dog-centric website Paw Nation is going all out for the American Kennel Club’s 125th anniversary, hosting a series of contests about the top 125 dogs in pop culture.

The current contest involves the top five college canine mascots, and our own Jack the Bulldog is one of the contestants! The competition is pretty Bulldog heavy, with the University of Georgia’s UGA and Yale’s Handsome Dan are also in the running. The other contestants are Texas A&M’s Reveille, a Collie, and Boston University’s Rhett, a Boston Terrier.

Unfortunately Jack hasn’t been faring too well—he’s currently in third place out of five contestants, with only seven percent of the vote.  Clearly the voters haven’t witnessed his significant box-battling skills…

Photo from the Georgetown University Traditions website.

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