SFS takes Dean search to the Internet

After Robert Gallucci left us for the MacArthur Foundation last year, the School of Foreign Service has been hunting for a new Dean.  And it seems that Georgetown’s looking high and low—even taking the search to the internet!  Vox recently found an ad for the position on the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s job posting board.

Besides calling up the amusing mental image of Georgetown’s top administrators trolling the Internet for potential Dean candidates, the posting is also interesting in that it reveals some tidbits about the generally secretive Dean selection process.

The posting was put up on October 23rd, and says that “the School of Foreign Service search committee will proceed expeditiously and has already begun reviewing materials, but applications will be considered until the position is filled.”

Interested parties are instructed to send their nominations or “expressions of interest” to an email account run by executive search consulting firm Spencer Stuart.  Unfortunately the ad doesn’t list a salary or position description.

15 Comments on “SFS takes Dean search to the Internet

  1. I fail to see how putting a job posting on the internet nowadays actually requires mocking. So they made some phone calls and it wasn’t enough, why not put the job search on the internet? Hell, it’s on the front of the SFS webpage.

  2. gc is right. The Chronicle of Higher Education is a key resource for educators and is used by job seekers and Universities for jobs from University President on down the line. Sometimes you guys are really on the ball….and then there’s now.

  3. This is the most unnewsworthy information I have ever seen. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time-like going to class and doing homework or hanging out with your friends-than, to use your words, “trolling the Internet” for any mention of Georgetown?
    And your attempt at making this juicy is laughable. “…the posting is also interesting in that it reveals some tidbits about the generally secretive Dean selection process.” Then what are those tidbits? Your post doesn’t say anything of the sort.
    Our student activity fee dollars shouldn’t be paying for this worthless garbage.

  4. Well, I think it’s hilarious. Seriously, internet ads… to run a major branch of a University?

  5. Let’s also put it on craigslist. Then people searching for dvd players can also apply to become a dean.

  6. “Well, I think it’s hilarious. Seriously, internet ads… to run a major branch of a University?”

    Seriously…internet ads…to hire employees…and administrators…

    I can’t wait to check out where you get all the information for bank jobs, law firms, consulting positions and even more. I think even the government uses the internet(s) for magical things like hiring people.

    Where else should they look? They clearly aren’t going to hire from the faculty here at this point.

  7. wow you guys suck. take it easy. i found the posting pretty interesting actually.

    so either you’ve already graduated and need to stop coming back to the voice blog to rip on people or you are a current student and need to stop looking for a chance to rip student journalism at gtown apart at every turn. i mean there are definitely times when this blog deserves (and subsequently gets) criticism…but this just isn’t one of them. it was a post that totally didn’t merit this bludgeoning of responses. anonymous: don’t YOU have anything better to do? i guess not.

    full disclosure: i’m on staff at the hoya…so when i come to the defense of the voice then it must mean there are some pretty unfair claims being thrown.

  8. ^ Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly fine that they reported this. I’d like them to do a more in depth analysis of the process, how it’s going, etc. if that is possible (I know how the SFS can be quite obtuse and not open, it happens). I know it’s a blog, I know it has its “voice” (pun kinda intended). God knows I’ve supported it before (and I have no qualms supporting and criticizing the Voice or the Hoya when they need to be), but the little burst of sarcasm in the original post didn’t bring any credibility to it. It was snark for snark’s sake. What the SFS is doing is typical practice. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s the internet age, we use it for this stuff.

    Full disclosure: I graduated in May, I still go to GU at the Law Center, and I get really really bored outlining sometimes.

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  10. Dearest Tim,

    If you read the blog posting, the language used is “ad.”


  11. Also, y’all really don’t see the difference between an entry-level job at a bank or a law firm and the deanship of the SFS, which was previously held by the chief negotiator during the North Korean nuke crisis in 1994?

  12. The blog was wrong. It’s not an ad (which is short for advertisement, fyi). It’s a job posting. If you knew anything about the Chronicle, you would know that prestigious schools post high level jobs all the time. Even though schools use search firms, the Chronicle is a great way to get the position availability out widely. A search firm will not find every eligible candidate on their own. This is a 100%, universally accepted practice.

  13. I was bored:

    Dean, UCLA Law School
    #15 law school US News

    Dean, Bucknell College of Arts & Sciences

    Dean, UT-Dallas School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

    Dean, Howard University, College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences

    Dean, University of Oregon College of Business

    Dean, University of Richmond School of Business

    Dean, Cornell University, School of Agriculture & Life Sciences
    Cornell is #15 on US News

    Dean, Bryn Mawr Undergraduate College
    Bryn Mawr is #25 on US News liberal arts colleges

    Dean, GWU School of Public Health

    Dean, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Humanties, Arts & Social Sciences

    Dean, Emory University College of Arts & Sciences
    Emory is #17 on US News Ranking

    Provost & EVP for Academic Affairs, GWU
    That’d be the equivalent of Dr. O’Donnell

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