Georgetown alum helps you get eco-friendly this holiday season

Earth Presents

The holidays never come too soon for Georgetown alum Julie Littell. In December of 2007, Littell realized that her passion for decorating gifts unnecessarily conflicted with her love of the environment. So, she began Earth Presents—a company that sells eco-friendly gift wrap.

The wrapping paper sold by Earth Presents is made from 100 percent recycled products, and the inks used for the designs are all vegetable-based. They also sell gift tags, ribbons, and bows that are packaged in 100% recycled content. The company also gives children from the D.C. area an opportunity to provide the artistic inspiration for the designs featured on the gift wrap.

This year Earth Presents donated wrapping paper to Georgetown’s EcoAction. They will be selling the gift wrap for charity in Red Square to help promote a recyclable and Earth-friendly holiday season.

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