Athletic Department spokesperson criticizes The Hoya‘s Basketball Preview for lack of women’s coverage

The Hoya‘s Basketball Preview is a nice piece of work–glossy, nice pictures–but, according to an Athletic Department spokesperson, it’s incomplete: it doesn’t mention the women’s basketball team.

Barbara Jonas, an Associate Director of Sports Information in the Athletic Department, complained on the Athletic Department’s Hoya Insider blog that calling The Hoya‘s basketball issue “Basketball Preview” neglects the women’s team:

It’s no secret that the men’s basketball squad is the crowning jewel of our athletic department.  No coach or student-athlete would begrudge any publicity, success or accolades that it receives.  What is frustrating is that the student press and much of campus continues to ignore that there are two basketball teams on the Hilltop.

Publishing a glossy magazine touted as the Basketball Preview is entirely untrue and a slap in the face to the 15 women that practice just as many hours as the men’s team and who wear the same Blue & Gray.

Via Hoya Talk. Photo by Jackson Perry

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  1. That’s ridiculous. I’m mad at the Athletic Department for making me purchase women’s tickets, which I will never use.

  2. The women’s team plays fantastic basketball. They’re improving every year, and the games are really fun. If you want to go to a basketball game where the fact that you’ve shown up as a fan is a big deal to the players, drop by McDonough on occasion.

  3. And the Voice inferiority complex continues…yet another example of the inferior campus paper (is it even a paper anymore or the quasi-personal blog of Juliana Brint?) trying to bash the superior paper at any turn.
    And for the record, when you can’t get people to go to your games even when you force them to buy the tickets to go to the men’s games, you don’t deserve a glossy magazine preview. Newspapers cater to what readers want to read, and clearly no one cares about women’s basketball.

  4. Well, the magazine is pretty expensive, and when I did the first one, we pretty much agreed that a men’s magazine would be more popular, and the women’s stories, if we put them in it, wouldn’t get much readership.
    I don’t think people at The Hoya dislike the women’s team — I covered them for two years and love going to women’s games — but men’s stories get a LOT of interest from students and alums not on campus.
    The men’s team is much more popular than the women’s, and their season is a much bigger sports news item, meriting a glossy magazine. It’s sports info’s job to promote every team, but a glossy magazine preview is a big endeavor for any team but the men’s basketball team.
    There was usually an expanded sports section on the women’s team, and contrary to the post, I’m sure that the paper will cover the women’s team this season.

  5. hahahahahahahahaha! having worked with people from both campus papers, i’d say the egos at neither one suffer from feelings of “inferiority.” but seriously, if you feel like the voice is inferior, stop reading, jackass.

  6. The athletic department is ridiculous. That issue is a huge recruiting device for said department. Face it: the women’s team doesn’t generate the excitement that the men’s team does, and if the athletic department wants to pay to produce and put together a women’s basketball team issue, they’re more than welcome to.

  7. Considering I was forced to pay for women’s basketball season tickets in order to buy men’s tickets, the best the school can do is NOT pretend to by overly PC on an issue this small.

    There was absolutely no need to include the women’s team in the preview. It’s a 2009 Basketball preview, covering our one athletic team that receives national attention and defines Georgetown Athletics. Until I see a preview for Men’s Sailing, Men’s Crew, or Men’s Swimming, I don’t understand why there needs to be a preview for Women’s Basketball, or any other sport for that matter.

  8. I have to agree with athletics on this one.

    I was really sad and mildly frustrated that there wasn’t a preview of the women’s upcoming season. True, their games don’t draw as many fans as the men’s team, but I honestly believe that fact may start to change in the next few seasons. Let’s not forget that our women’s team advanced further in the post season than the men did last year. While that fact alone may not incite the continued fervor our campus shows for the men’s team, it should at least elicit a nod of respect from our press.

    Fiore–I agree that the articles might not get as much reader attention, but having Greg Monroe on the cover pretty much guarantees readership. (Let’s face it, people are most attracted to the pictures anyway). Ultimately, it wouldn’t have hurt to dedicate some real estate to BOTH of our teams in the mag. even with skewed proportions.

    Lame–First of all, great name. I’m sure you had to think long and hard about that gem of a pseudonym. Also, I agree that it is a part of our recruiting. We shouldn’t forget, however, that we’re not just recruiting men, nor would it hurt to show newcomers that we’re not simply a one (basketball) team school.

    What’s done is done, but the athletic department has a point. I’m not saying that the mag should have necessarily gone halfsies for each team, but The Hoya overlooked an important piece of the upcoming season by leaving out our lady Hoyas.

    See y’all at the game tomorrow,
    Taylor Johnston
    COL 2010

  9. Both campus papers do a terrible job covering sports at Georgetown as a whole. The women’s team should get more attention, but so should all the other sports. Especially considering many of them had better seasons than the basketball team last year

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