Remix Your Weekend: DJ Pinto + Chiddy Bang

It seems as though after a week of beautiful weather, winter is finally upon us. Now, as much as this saddens even the most bubbly of individual, hopefully the tracks I’m posting this week will do some work on turning those proverbial frowns upside down.

I am more than a little excited about the first of this week’s two artists; DJ Pinto has rocked my world over the past week with his remixes and mash-ups of Dr. Dre, Ms. Cyrus, and Snoop Dog, to name a few. I stumbled upon the Iowa born DJ via Hypem and have since fallen deeply in love with his grace and mix skillz.

Between an amazingly blended mash of Paper Planes and Goin’ Down and the a superb mash of Drake and Brittney’s new single, 3, DJ Pinto very well may be the next big thing for mash-heads that are paying any sort of attention to the scene.  Our boy also did a fabulous mash of Dr. Dre and Miley Cyrus.

The second artist is Chiddy Bang for the second time. Last time I talked about Chiddy they were using beats from Passion Pit, this time around the Chiddy boyz decided to sample the indie-prodigy Sufjan Stevens.

The results are stupendous: They (or their producer) cuts up All Things Go, adds a techno riff background, and some hip-hop drums (As well as an uber-high pitch chorus) in order to create an amazing genre bending hip-hop anthem.

So there we have it, a fabulous DJ and a repeat appearance from Chiddy Bang. I don’t think people could ask for much more. As always, I sincerely hope all of Georgetown gets super sweaty dancing to all kinds of debaucherous music this lovely weekend.

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