Isssue Rundown: 2010 Campus Plan, the ultimate town-gown instigator

Cover 11/19In this week’s Feature, Molly Redden takes a holistic look how the 2010 Campus Plan will help Georgetown grow—and why the neighbors are against it. The plan contains provisions for a new student center in New South, an expansion to the library and more.  But neighbors are unhappy about one thing it doesn’t have: more on-campus undergraduate housing.

The Editorial Board urges the Washington Archdiocese—which recently announced it would cut all contracts for social services with D.C. if the same-sex marriage bill is passed—to focus on their commitment to the poor and re-examine it’s stance on homosexuality.

Kara Brandeisky has details about Philly Pizza’s zoning woes in News.

In Sports, Tom Bosco looks at the Georgetown students who “know the sting of defeat” better than any others: the football team’s seniors.

Brendan Baumgardner explores the world of burlesque in Leisure.

In Voices, Juliana Brint her feelings about taking condoms from the H*yas for Choice table.

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