Concert Calendar: Club Country, Devendra Banhart



Melt-Banana is the noisiest, most dissonant way to spend your Friday night. This is legitimate grindcore. The mixture of pounding, schizophrenic drums, and vocal textures that just explode one after another will leave you confused and possibly in pain. But they’re hip, they’re from Japan, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to experience a cute little girl show you how a real front man should act. Rock and Roll Hotel; tickets are $15.


Jeremy Chatelain (of Jets to Brazil) decided to record a set of songs like those AM country-western tunes he used to listen to as a young boy, thus creating Cub Country. 10 years later, Cub Country is as strong as ever, and Chatelain keeps putting together great twangy, acoustic tunes that are sure to remind you of home no matter where you’re from. They’ve got that nostalgic tone to them. Check Cub Country out at the Black Cat backstage for $8.


Devendra Banhart has a big beard sometimes. I can’t be certain that he’ll have one this Wednesday when he is performing at the 9:30 Club, but the chance still exists. Banhart just released, and is touring off of, the late October release What Will We Be, which is probably the most upbeat thing this folky fellow has ever released. The catch is that tickets cost $30, but let’s run through what you get in return real quick before you write this concert off: some awesome folk music, and the possibility of seeing a big beard. The decision is yours.


The Mountain Goats keep making good folk records. Their latest release, from this October, titled The Life of the World To Come is a good record. Maybe that statement doesn’t mean much, but when you take into account that it is their 17th studio album, and that they’re still releasing good music, you’ll know that 17 albums of gold material is bound to make a great live show.

If that isn’t enough to draw your attention, opening act Final Fantasy is alone worth the price of entry. Canadian violinist Owen Pallett composes some of the most beautiful music and has one of the gentlest voices that you could wish to hear on a Friday night. Tickets cost $20.

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