Georgetown’s student-athlete graduation rate is 86 percent, according to NCAA data

Student Athlete Graduation Rates

Every year the National Collegiate Athletics Association compiles data about graduation rates for student athletes.  In this year’s data, which looks at students who started college in 2002, Georgetown student-athletes had a graduation rate of 86 percent—well above the Division I average of 63 percent.

The graduation rate for student athletes at Georgetown is slightly lower than the overall graduation rate, 94 percent.

The report also gives graduation rates for specific sports.  Several teams had 100 percent graduation rates, including Men’s Golf and Women’s Crew, Field Hockey, Golf, Swimming and Tennis. Other teams with graduation rates above 85 percent were Men’s Baseball and Lacrosse and Women’s Lacrosse, Soccer and Volleyball.

The team with the lowest graduation rate was Men’s Basketball, which had a graduation rate of 60 percent.  The graduation rate for Georgetown’s Basketball team is still higher than the Division I average for the sport of 48 percent.

5 Comments on “Georgetown’s student-athlete graduation rate is 86 percent, according to NCAA data

  1. On the graph it looks like the men’s basketball graduation rate at Georgetown is between 90-100%, but the text says 60%. Something’s off here. 60% sounds like the more accurate figure.

  2. I am doing a research paper on graduation rate in division 1 college vs division 2. I was wondering if I could use this graph in my report.

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