U.S. Conference of Bishops looking at increasing oversight of Catholic universities

At its latest meeting, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops decided to form a task force to look into what actions the group could take to increase its oversight of  Catholic colleges and universities, according to the Associated Press.

Although the details are a bit fuzzy because the meeting was held behind closed doors, Chicago Cardinal Francis George told the AP that the task force will be researching what church law says about the bishops’ authority over schools.  George said that the task force is part of a broader investigation of which groups can legitimately call themselves Catholic.

The Conference of Bishops isn’t the only group taking a look at the issue. The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, a group Georgetown is a member of, will also be looking at the question of bishops’ authority at its January meeting.

4 Comments on “U.S. Conference of Bishops looking at increasing oversight of Catholic universities

  1. “Church law” is not real law. They can’t make us do a thing, and they can’t stop us from calling ourselves Catholic.

  2. Tim,
    What a bizarre attitude. Why in the world would you want to continue to call yourself or your institution Catholic if Catholic for you bears neither resemblance to Christ’s teachings nor obedience to the magisterium which began with the Apostles?

  3. June,
    I personally don’t care if Georgetown calls itself Catholic or not. I’m just saying that the University is absolutely within its legal rights to do so, regardless of how rigidly it binds itself to the fallible, man-made, and (in some instances) entirely un-Christ-like rules set down by the men who run the Catholic Church.

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