Remix Your Weekend: Felt + LMFAO

This week I’ve got some of the usual stuff, and something a little out of the norm for Remix Your Weekend. The first is part of the third collaboration album between two of my favorite Hip Hoppers, Slug and Murs, collectively known as Felt. The second is a great remix of LMFAO (who in turn remixed a Gaga song that I posted some time ago).

Although Felt’s first album was a little disappointing considering the two big names associated with it, their second album absolutely blew me away. Now, Aesop Rock brings his well known, rather industrial style (a la None Shall Pass) as the producer of their newest drop, A Tribute to Rosie Perez.

The song, “She Sonnet,” is, if nothing else, a great underground anthem: the beat is obviously the work of Aesop Rock with noises that could easily be heard in some factory, while Felt and Slug continue the caliber of lyrical style that they’ve brought in the past. I was a little sad with some of the other songs I’ve heard from this CD, but at the very least “She Sonnet” will prove to be one of the better underground tracks of the year thus far.

After I heard the glorious remix of “Love Game” that LMFAO dropped this summer the Los Angelean Duo definitely caught my attention. This new remix of their La La La by Hyper Crush, although not as heavy on pop sensibilities, nonetheless rocks pretty f*%$in’ hard: the electro-hip hop fusion mixed with quasi-sensitive boy lyrics that LMFAO has become known for make this track instantly great; once you add the heavy bass and feminine wiles of of Hyper Crush, this track becomes drop dead gorgeous and perfect for any rave you may or may not be hosting (just remember to stay hydrated).

As always, enjoy these stunnaz, have a sweaty weekend, and a phenomenal Thanksgiving (Don’t be too jealous that I’m already home enjoying stuffing and Turkey, gobble gobble).

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