Wireless and double-sided printing are coming to Lauinger Library

IMG_0367Print from the comfort of those cozy-looking chairs!

Shifting impatiently from one foot to another while the person in front of you uses the wrong Lau 3 printer to print a PDF may soon be a thing of the past.

The University plans to install wireless printing and additional printers in Blommer and Lauinger Libraries, according to GUSA Secretary of Academic Affairs Daphne Panayotatos (SFS `11), a member of the Faculty Library Advisory Committee that formed this past Spring. Printers will also be outfitted with duplex printing abilities as a green initiative.

“Plans are to have these measures in effect by the start of next semester,” Panayotatos wrote in an e-mail.

The FLAC, which consists of two undergraduate students, one graduate student, and faculty, was formed to suggest changes to the Library to be included in the 2010 Campus Plan.

An addition to Lauinger Library is included in the plan, and schematics from the draft plan show an addition over what is currently the parking lot, but Executive Assistant to the University Librarian Jessica Pierce and Panayotatos stress that currently, there are no definite plans to expand Lauinger.

5 Comments on “Wireless and double-sided printing are coming to Lauinger Library

  1. Sorry, I didn’t realize you just meant wireless printing. Your headline is misleading. But you are correct, wireless printing would be a news feature.

  2. why don’t you “fact check” the hoya’s blogs?

    oh wait ..have they figured out what a blog is yet?

  3. Because the best fact-checkers don’t read past the headline.

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