Remix Your Weekend: The White Panda + Gonzales

This year, while eating copious amounts of stuffing, turkey, and mashed potatoes, I gave thanks for my family, friends, and good remixes. In order to fully give thanks I’m happy to post a couple great tracks this week from The White Panda and Erol Alkan.

I’ve heard a couple of The White Panda’s mashes in the past, the TI/Passion Pit mash and more recently a Eminem/the Who mash, but I was never too impressed; none of them really made me shake my baby maker, if you catch my drift.

The Panda’s newest mash, a deadly combo of Wiz Khalifa, Umek and Beltek, and User absolutely blew me away. Somehow the Slovenian house beatz of Umek blend perfectly into the raps of both Wiz and Usher. Perfect for any rave party people may be hosting in the near future, Army of Yeah is definitely a new member to my top ten list.

The second track is a remake by the ever elusive Gonzales of a Erol Alkan and Boys Noize song, “Waves.” Gonzales takes the electrified, spacey style of Boys Noize and Erol Alkan and softens it down to a mellow, wonderful, in a word melodious track.

By no means is this a party song, or even a chilling-with-friends-song; rather it’s a sitting-alone-doing-homework or just-woke-up song. The piano progression, in my mind, is what a freight train would sound like if it could play the piano, an ever growing intensity with the rhythm of train tracks continues throughout the song, with breaks here and there at various stations along the route.

I hope everyone enjoys these tracks, as always, and I hope food comas haven’t taken claim to many lives this Thanksgiving. School starts back up in two days, don’t get too excited.

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