Free for All: Alaskan books and Canadian pictures


But which event are we referencing here?

Sarah Palin

Are you sick of pretentious authors who promote their books in bookstores? Want to read something by a real American who’s in touch with other real Americans? Then grab your caribou-hunting rifle and your kid named Trig and head over to B.J.’s Wholesale (yes, B.J.’s Wholesale), where America’s favorite hockey mom, Sarah Palin, will be promoting her new memoir, Going Rogue. She’s been avoiding major cities on her nationwide promotional tour, which is likely why she’s going to a warehouse in Fairfax, VA. I say schlepping is worth it. The event runs from 11 AM to 2 PM on December 5.

Canadian Photography

If you like maple syrup, hockey fights, or Alex Trebek, you already have some appreciation many fine Canadian exports. Art, however, is an aspect of Canadian culture that is often undeservedly overshadowed by the nation’s ability to make round bacon. The Canadian Embassy is here to enlighten us. In celebration of its hundred-year anniversary, the embassy is displaying “Karsh at 100: Portraits of Artists,” an exhibit of one hundred portraits by (apparently) famed Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh. They’re portraits of famous artists who we already know and love, and each one captures the specific artistic style and creativity of its subject. The exhibit runs through December 18, the embassy is at 501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and you get there by taking the Green Line to the National Archives station.

More Writers!

If Sarah Palin just doesn’t cut it for your weekly dose of authors, then stop by the Writer’s Center in Bethesda this Friday for an installment of their Story/Stereo: Emerging Writers Series. D.C. resident Brian Gilmore, a fiction author, poet, and teacher, and Lisa Selin Davis, a freelance author and professor of creative writing at the Pratt Institute, will be holding readings and discussing their lives as up-and-coming writers. As for the “stereo” portion of the evening, you’ll hear the musical stylings of Zomes, a three-piece alternative band from Baltimore. It starts at 8:00 p.m., and is conveniently located right near the Bethesda metro stop on the Red Line.

2 Comments on “Free for All: Alaskan books and Canadian pictures

  1. Oh how I love maple syrup, hockey fights AND Alex Trebek.
    I will most def be ch-ch-checkin out the Canadian Embassy.
    And maybe I will find me an Alex there too, eh.
    Thanks for the tip, Leigh!

  2. Long time viewer / 1st time poster. Really enjoy reading the blog, keep up the excellent work. Will definitely start posting more in the near future.

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