Georgetown students remember Jenny Faenza, plan Dahlgren memorial

Members of the Georgetown community gathered to remember Jenny Faenza

On Tuesday, members of the Georgetown community gathered together in St. Williams Chapel for a memorial for Jenny Faenza (COL ’11), a student who passed away last November over Thanksgiving break. They shared memories of how joyful she was, how she treasured her moments at Georgetown, and even viewed her illness as a blessing.

“She felt because it was a gift from God, that it was supposed to be her gift to minister to other people, and so that way they could know about the trials and tribulations that she was going through, but that they could always overcome them,” said Tanesha S. Stewart, Assistant Director of Student Programs and Georgetown Program Board Co-Advisor.

Faenza was the Off-Campus Chair for the Georgetown Program Board in 2008, and was elected Special Events Chair in 2009, but passed before she got the chance to serve. Stewart remembers sitting around the Center for Student Programs Office, listening to Faenza talk about her illness, and how it inspired her to want to be a minister in the future.

The ceremony opened with the Georgetown Chimes, and Georgetown’s gospel choir performed “Alpha and Omega.” Reverend Oskig led the service and remarked that one of the biggest fears that Faenza’s family had was that she would be forgotten.

Josh Mogil (SFS ’11) announced that there would be a permanent memorial for Faenza in Dahlgren Quadrangle in order to make sure that would never happen. He recalled Faenza’s love of benches, because of her need to rest for her illness.

“She never took those moment of resting as a negative,” Mogil said. “She always enjoyed them. And I think the bench will remind us all to remember Jenny’s story.”

The College Dean’s office, the Georgetown Program Board, The Corp, Escape, and Protestant Ministry all took part in the initiative. An event will be held this spring once the bench is built, and Faenza’s family will join the Georgetown community in her memory once again.

Photo by Jue Chen

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