Remix Your Weekend: Party Ben

It’s that time of the year again: Lau is spilling over with students, morning lattes become morning triple espressos, and all of us want to PTFO an go home more than anything. I hope I have a song today that will brighten some of your gloomy, final stricken days. It’s not a particularly new mash-up, but it’s a guy I have yet to post about on Remix Your Weekend.

Party Ben is San Francisco’s own radio DJ-turned-mash-up artist, most famous for his mash of Green Days “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” The mash for today is a wonderful blend of last year’s huge hit from T.I., “Live Your Life,” with Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk.”

The result, as usual, is astonishingly perfect. Who knows how these guys think it up, but all the guitar riffs and even the quieter moments from the A-Punk instrumental match up seamlessly with T.I.’s chart topper. Truly, this was a mash made in some musical heaven.

Sadly, that’s all for this week. It’s been a tough week, and I hope I’ll have a mind meltingly amazing song for everyone next weekend. Until then, good luck on finals and don’t forget to have fun during these stress-filled weeks.

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