Date Lab Georgetown: The Undercover Lover

Will the real Vic Kmetich please stand up?

On the computer screen, the girl we chose for this week’s Date Lab and Vic Kmetich (MSB ’11) seemed like they could excite each other’s fun-loving spirits. Vic wanted his ideal match “to have some different tastes in foods,” because of his love for trying out “new cuisines.” Was it possible that our girl, a Southern, “orange juice elitist” from Florida might have the regional tastes the Ohio native might be looking for?

Vox knows there are few things more embarrassing than getting stood up for a date, and we do our best to send confirmation emails to daters’ addresses before every match-up to avoid flakes and phoneys.

So, we were surprised to learn, after we sent the couple on their date, that it wasn’t Vic who showed up for his date with the girl we selected (whose name we agreed to withhold) … but his friend Jimmy.

“He seemed nice,” she said when asked about her first impressions. Once he arrived, she recalled seeing him “walk through once,” and thinking he seemed a bit confused, until he finally sat down and introduced himself—as Vic.

“We talked about hometowns,” she said. “Vic” told her that he was from Ohio, which immediately made her question his choice of attire, a Redskins sweatshirt.

He responded with what she described as an “elaborate” story. “He had lived in DC as a child, but his dad was Air Force, so he had moved to Ohio. I asked him several questions about Ohio, but [said] he hadn’t been back … And that’s why he knew nothing about Ohio.” But, he knew “how hard it was to be a Redskins fan in Browns Territory in Cleveland,” she said.

Then they moved on to talking about summer jobs.

“He actually referred to himself as a carnie,” she said. “Also, he was wearing sweatpants from Delaware and said that’s where he worked at a carnival at a resort in Delaware.” As if his summer job wasn’t odd enough, she remembers that he told her that he was a theater minor, “but has never been involved in a production on campus.”

“[I] thought maybe he was just a little awkward or nervous,”  she said. But when she learned that a Date Lab imposter had set out to convince our sweet, Southern girl that he was someone he really wasn’t, his responses made a little more sense. Vox assures her that it happens to the best of us.

The first time Vox managed to reach the real Vic Kmetich on the telephone, the line was disconnected right after we made our introduction. Vic called back to tell us that the mix-up was a prank by his roommates that he knew nothing about, and that we would get a call from one of his roommates sometime soon to let us know how the date went.

The phone never rang, and the hopes for an explanation died alongside the hopes for a new relationship.

13 Comments on “Date Lab Georgetown: The Undercover Lover

  1. By far one of the most interesting Date Labs to date. The girl seems like a good sport and should get another shot at love, Vox Style.

  2. [Comment edited for impersonation]

  3. The truth is that Imani knows how to make a good story from a sticky situation…props to Imani!!!

  4. I’d take a Southern belle over a Redskins fan any day. Sounds like he needs to grow up.

  5. [Comment deleted by editor for impersonation]

  6. i would say Vic is more of a “under-the-covers lover”

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