Georgetown part of an investigation into admissions discrimination

143186839_5c9fad13cdMen, the world is your oyster

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating whether colleges are giving men—who are making up a smaller and smaller portion of the higher education population across the nation—a leg up over women in their admissions processes, or giving them more generous aid packages to try to encourage them to attend in higher numbers.

According to the Washington Post, on Wednesday, federal civil rights commissioners voted to subpoena records from 19 Washington-area schools for their investigation—and that includes Georgetown University.

The school is not being fingered as a perpetrator of admissions discrimination. Rather, the commissioners are selecting colleges that will give them a “representative example of higher education nationally.”

Vox has been trying to get numbers on Georgetown’s admissions rates by gender for the last week or so, ever since it saw this opinion piece in USA Today,Why men warrant a break on college admissions“—take a gander and let us know if you think that failing to give preferential treatment to men “would threaten the diversity that defines our world-class higher education system.”

We’ve been unsuccessful in getting those numbers so far, but we’ll post them when we get a hold of them.

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8 Comments on “Georgetown part of an investigation into admissions discrimination

  1. So underrepresented groups should not get a leg up in admissions, or only if the group happens to be male? It’s so easy to lose track!

  2. As a male, I’m a offended that someone would think that men are not smart enough to get into colleges without some sort of help. I expect an apology from USA Today.

  3. No mention of how the American education system is blatantly biased against men? (If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, look into single-sex public education and consider what sounds more like your classroom experiences)

  4. So wait: blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Native Americans, anyone else who’s not white and is underrepresented in American universities can benefit from affirmative action, but not men??

  5. The difference is groups like blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans etc. have traditionally been oppressed in this country, and affirmative action for them is designed to help make up for past injustices. Men, on the other hand, have traditionally (and to a large extent still do) dominated American society.

  6. Seems our ‘highly selective’ qualities override our ‘religious’ ones. (From WaPo)

    “Civil rights commissioners Wednesday approved 19 other schools for study, based on broad institutional categories: …; three religious schools, Catholic University in the District, Loyola University in Maryland and Messiah College in Pennsylvania; three “highly selective” schools, Georgetown, Hopkins and Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania..”

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