“Punks” with skateboards deface Saxby’s


A resident at 35th & O St noticed this graffiti on the exterior of Saxby’s earlier this week.

On a georgetownforum listserv e-mail, e said he saw “punks outside the neighborhood” have been hanging out near the coffee shop lately—and it’s pretty clear he suspects they defaced the building. From his e-mail:

“i have noticed some punks¬†from outside the neighborhood¬†skateboarding on the O St side of Saxby’s Coffeeshop sidewalk recently.

“today, on the same building next to the picture window, i noticed gang graffiti along the same stretch of sidewalk.¬† it’s not particularly distinctive, bold black linear with a few anatomical suggestions…of the variety you’ll see in urban ghetto’s”

Maybe they did. But when you assume, you can make “a few anatomical suggestions” out of yourself.

Photo by Hilary Nakasone

11 Comments on ““Punks” with skateboards deface Saxby’s

  1. How ridiculous. I know that the defacement of the building is terrible and I condemn whoever did it, but to blame it on gangs without much evidence? So you saw some kids on a skateboard! that doesn’t mean they did it, or are even bad people. And what adult uses the term ghetto? It is extremely derogatory of the places that it is generally used to describe. I’m frankly glad you saw kids out exercising instead of sitting on their sofa writing on some forum like you probably spend your day doing. The neighbors here are elitist idiots.

    Please, this is Georgetown. Gangs? We dont even have frats.

  2. Why are Georgetown residents gradually turning into Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace?

  3. That graffiti happened sometime over Thanksgiving. I first saw it when I got back on that Sunday, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before I left

  4. Yeah, that graffiti has been there for a few weeks. It think at this point it qualifies as what they call “old news.” Not that it was ever newsworthy in the first place.

  5. “urban ghetto’s”

    Why can’t people figure out possesive vs plural?

    I know it’s an email and so rules of grammar are flexible, but you don’t ADD an incorrect apostrophe.

    Seriously undermines his pretentious asshattery.

  6. If you can see “anatomical suggestions” in that scrawling, then you must really be looking for it. Other than the asterisk and the dollar sign, there’s nothing “suggested” in that mess.

    Gang members in urban ghettos would be embarrassed by that half-assed graffiti.

  7. It sounds like he suspects the negros. And is just afraid to say it.

    Closet Racists for the win.

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