Remix Your Weekend: Smooth-E + The Hood Internet

It seems as though I got out of the District just in time, as about a foot of snow is pummeling those of you still packing into Lau. I’d be lying if part of me wasn’t jealous of seeing D.C. all snowed in, but at the same time, the California sun isn’t treating me too badly either. I’m starting to get festive with one of this week’s songs, while the other is just another great mash (I promise this time!) from The Hood Internet.

Seeing as the wondrous holiday known to us gentiles as Hanukkah is coming to an end today it seems only fitting to post this Hanukkah version of Outkast’s Hey Ya! by comedian song-writer Smooth-E. There’s not much else to it really, it’s a super funny song, catchy, quasi-danceable, and it’ll make Jews and gentiles alike giddy I’m sure.

The second song is the newest track from a mash-up band that never ceases to make my job easy. The Hood Internet has brought it to us again with this mash of Shwaze and Miike Snow. I first heard Miike Snow this summer, and was more than intrigued with their unique mellowed-out electro style. The two go together quite nicely under the leadership of The Hood’s graceful mixers, so enjoy.

That’s all for this week. If you’re still in DC, don’t worry about finals and go frolic in the fluffy snow. If you’re home, drink heavily and try not to go crazy as relatives start to flood your home.

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