The 10 best Georgetown-themed holiday gifts

If you’ve got a hard-to-shop-for person in your family, stop scrolling through box sets on Amazon. It’s time to cheat, using Vox‘s list of the ten greatest Georgetown-themed holiday gifts it’s ever seen.

And if you’re already eyeing Georgetown sweatshirts in the bookstore as a way around your father’s persnickety reading tastes, use our list to get creative. After all, what says “I love you” like a product that lets your parents advertise where you got in to school on their car, bookshelf or person?

10. Vineyard Vines’ Georgetown Bow Tie

10 bowtieThe quintessential gift for the East Coast parent, a Georgetown bow tie from the University bookstore makes use of Vineyard Vines-wear and will remind your father of his favorite place to take you to eat on parents’ weekends, The Tombs, every time he wears this and is mercilessly mocked by his clients or golf buddies.

9. Jack the Bulldog Christmas Tree Ornament

7 ornamentEvery year, one of your goody two-shoes, kindergarten-aged cousins makes Grandma a homemade Christmas ornament in crafts that melts her heart. Well, you’ll show them.

For $35, you’ll get her a blown glass ornament emblazoned with the grimacing image of Jack the Bulldog. Is that too scary for the Christmas tree? Yeah, well, so is that deformed macaroni likeness of your grandmother.

8. Georgetown University 1984 NCAA Champions Coke Bottle

6 cokeMemorialization of the Hoyas’ 1984 NCAA win comes in many forms—posters, t-shirts, angry comparisons of that year’s team to last year’s—but the 1984 National Champions Coke Bottle is the only one that your parents will be proud enough to keep right next to the 1945 Mouton.

7. Hoyaology Trivia Challenge

9 trivia

This gift is largely about making yourself look good after it’s been opened and you uncomfortably make everyone play a few rounds of Hoyaology Trivia Challenge.

Your sister may have brought home straight A’s, but does she know which D.C. drug kingpin John Thompson, Jr., allegedly threatened with death for associating with his players? Didn’t think so.

6. Georgetown University Car Mats

8 carmat

This is for the Hoya-hater in your family. Trick your Syracuse-attending brother into bleeding Hoya blue by convincing him that there’s no better way to put down his rivals than by wiping his feet on Georgetown car mats every time he gets into his car.

Don’t worry, these won’t get muddy. All they ever get in that upstate, barren wasteland of a place is snow.

5. “Got Georgetown?” Car Decal
5 got gu

Consider this dilemma: Your parents want to show their pride in your accomplishments on the back windshield of their Suburban but they want to rise above the war between the “My kid is an honor student at …” and “My kid beat up your honor student” decals.

Help them out with this “Got Georgetown?” windshield sticker. It’s elegant and understated, but it’s big enough to make anybody who doesn’t got Georgetown wish that they belonged to a community bold enough to throw its existence in everyone else’s faces.

4. Ron Artest’s “Georgetown Girl”
4 ron artest

In every family or group of friends, there’s that music lover who’s always already heard that great new song you tell him to look up. This time, you’re one step ahead of him: Vox bets he’s never heard NBA star Ron Artest’s “Georgetown Girl,” a mystifying, hyper auto-tuned single about Georgetown girl.

Did this guy even go to Georgetown? Why is he rapping about us? No, and who knows. But if you friend is any kind of music aficionado, he does not already have this on his iPod.

3. Rugby’s Wool Penant Shawl Cardigan
3 jacket

Come to think of it, this isn’t such a bad idea for your wish list, either. For $798,  you can own this jacket and redefine the meaning of “prep” for an entire generation of Hoyas.

While it makes use of some old prep fashion standbys—the vague resemblance to the letter jacket—this baby takes prep to a whole new level with its veritable explosion of vintage representations of East Coast schools. Move over, mustache man, we’ve got a new spectacle to stop and stare at.

2. Murder in Georgetown by Margaret Truman
2 murder
Leave it to an airport author to terrify your parents with a gripping story about the murder of a Georgetown University journalism student, just when you had them convinced that Georgetown was a safe place to live.

From Publisher’s Weekly:
Truman’s seventh, meatiest novel involves a group of blackguards, posing as prominent patriots in the nation’s capital. One is Senator John Frolich whose young daughter Valerie, a journalism student, is murdered. Reporter Joe Potamos questions the victim’s classmates and their instructor, George Bowen, a crony of the senator, and Marshall Jenkins, a politically powerful land developer.
When another of Bowen’s students is killed, and Potamos’s lover disappears, the reporter is outraged. Convinced that Watkins, Frolich and Bowen are guilty, Potamos breaks into their formidable hideout where the story ends with several bangs.

Well, I’m titillated.

1. Georgetown University Cheerleader Barbie

1 barbie

That’s right, as part of their short-lived University Barbie line, the good people at Mattel made a Georgetown Cheerleader Barbie.

This Christmas, let this 11 1/2″ tall friend be a role model for the lil’est college-bound girl in your family, and show her what every girl ought to look like when she gets to university: spirited, scantily-clad, and flexible.

12 Comments on “The 10 best Georgetown-themed holiday gifts

  1. I actually received that Barbie as a gift last year at Christmas from my parents. Despite the fact that I’m male. I still love it, though, it goes great with my other Hoya memorabilia

  2. Just to clarify about Ron Artest, when he is singing about Georgetown Girl, he is singing about Georgetown, Texas. The reason he wrote this song was to pump up the fanbase for the nearby Houston Rockets, which is where he used to play last year before I replaced him at Small Forward. The fact that the women in the video are wearing Georgetown jerseys of Jessie Sapp is just because they say Georgetown on it. For all we know, he could have been singing about Jim Jones and Guyana if he really wanted to.

  3. I, too, received the Georgetown Barbie as a gift when I was accepted. It’s in mah Henle right nizzow.

  4. Apparently has people convinced that Georgetown offers journalism as an undergrad major, too.

  5. Seriously, I’m from Houston and I don’t even know where Georgetown, Texas, is. The song is just not about the Georgetown in Texas, sorry…

  6. A certain coffee shop in the ICC used to have one of those Barbies, prominently placed above the espresso machine, next to her Barbie-sized keg (no idea where we got that from. Maybe it was part of Mattel’s collegiate line?). Anyway, she was stolen from us right before Summer ’08, and we have mourned her loss up until now. Thanks, Vox, for showing us where to get a new one!

  7. Georgetown, TX is about 30 minutes from Austin. Doubt he is talking about that community.

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