Nikita Mescheriakov to transfer from Georgetown


Before last season began, former Voice Sports Editor Anthony Francavilla profiled Nikita Mescheriakov. He told the Voice that when picking a school, “Georgetown…that is the kind of team I wanted it to be.” A little over a year later, Mescheriakov no longer wants to be a Hoya.

In a press release this morning, Thompson announced that the redshirt sophomore will transfer “at the end of the Fall 2009 semester.” The Fall 2009 semester ends today. Mescheriakov marks the fourth player to transfer from Thompson’s program since the end of the 2007-08 season.

After emerging as a starter down the stretch for last season’s Hoyas, the 6-foot-7 forward from Belarus has seen his minutes steadily dwindle. Mescheriakov has appeared in seven games this season averaging 6.3 minutes of playing time. He did not get off the bench in recent wins over Butler and Washington, and saw just one minute of action in a loss to Old Dominion on Saturday, in what will prove to be his final appearance in a Georgetown uniform.

“Nikita expressed the interest to transfer to a school where he knows he will get more playing time than he feels he will get here,” Thompson said in the release. “We wish him the best in his future endeavors and appreciate his hard work.”

Mescheriakov did not play in his first year on the Hilltop, and saw little playing time in the first half of last season. But once Big East play started he broke into the rotation, first as a situational three-point threat and then as a starter for the final nine games of the season, replacing struggling senior Jessie Sapp. Mescheriakov finishes his Hoya career with averages of 2.3 points and 1.2 rebounds per game.

It is not currently known where Mescheriakov will transfer.

The high points of Mescheriakov’s time at Georgetown will be remembered as his coming-out party against Syracuse last January, when he nailed two treys in just two minutes, and a career-high 11 points in a late season win over Villanova. But the foul-prone forward also drew the ire of some fans as his shooting touch cooled and he became associated with the futility of last season’s Hoya squad.

9 Comments on “Nikita Mescheriakov to transfer from Georgetown

  1. Excellent! We aren’t scared of playing Georgetown now!

  2. Wah wah, I am no longer a starter so I am transferring to a school that will give me more attention. Wuddup Wattad.

  3. I wouldn’t call “The Georgetown Heckler” a sample of fans worth mentioning….

  4. Won’t Nikita be offended by that post? Should we have a forum on that too? ; )

  5. Yeah, lets have a forum on everything every wuss on the hilltop cries about..wait..we alrady do.

  6. A wuss is someone who sits online and only engages people in dialogue about important issues from behind their computer screen.

  7. A wuss is someone who never leaves BSA and NAACP meetings long enough to engage with white students, except to look for every possible opportunity to claim that this is a “white school” that has somehow victimized her.

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