Catholic Culture finds more Georgetown faculty with Planned Parenthood connections

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CC to GU: You sure you’re Jesuit?

CatholicCulture.Org reported last week that the former president and CEO of two Planned Parenthood branches now works as a low-level Georgetown administrator at the nursing school. (Well, kind of. They mistakenly reported that she taught at the NHS.)

But in its bizarre ‘gotcha’ series on Jesuit institutions that have connections to Planned Parenthood, Catholic Culture is not finished with Georgetown yet. Its writers have found two more Georgetown faculty with Planned Parenthood ties, these two having served as legal counsel for PP. From the site:

Professor Peter J. Rubin, according to his web page, “served as counsel in the U.S. Supreme Court for, among others, Dr. Timothy Quill and two other doctors in Vacco v. Quill, a challenge to the constitutionality of New York’s ban on physician assisted suicide, and Planned Parenthood in Rust v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court challenge to the abortion ‘gag rule’ imposed in the 1980s upon family planning clinics that received federal funding.”

Professor Julie E. Cohen, who has taught at Georgetown since 1999, was a “member of pro bono team that represented Bay Area Planned Parenthood affiliates in abortion clinic access litigation” from 1992 to 1995, according to her curriculum vitate.

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  1. I’m glad that Georgetown is capable of employing intelligent professors that can provide a wide-range of scholarly opinions to students. Every report like this that comes out of some myopic rightist group just lets me know that at least our university is getting *something* right.

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