We Are Georgetown and You Aren’t: DePaul Preview


This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for Sunday’s game at DePaul, here are three reasons to hate the Blue Demons:


Usually when a team fails to win a game for over two straight months and can’t muster a victory over a single conference opponent, it is an occasion for pity rather than scorn. But Georgetown should have no sympathy for DePaul’s ignominious streak last spring, because despite their historic incompetence, the Blue Demons were actually closer to the Big Dance than the Hoyas.

Thanks to the expanded Big East tournament, DePaul was given a chance to play its way into the NCAA tournament, and unlike Georgetown, the Blue Demons won a game when it mattered, defeating Cincinnati to advance to the second round of the tournament. About two hours after DePaul’s victory, Georgetown lost to St. John’s to end its Big East season.

Blue Devils Demons

This really isn’t DePaul’s fault. Back in 1901 when the student body chose the Blue Demons nickname, they couldn’t predict that 20 years later some school down in North Carolina would pick an eerily similar diabolic moniker. But regardless of DePaul’s innocent intentions, the fact remains–it’s impossible to look at the Blue Demons and not think about Duke. And really, Coach K’s Dukies are so loathsome some hatred can’t help but spill over. So consider Sunday afternoon a chance to warm up your anger for January 30. Again, it may seem unfair to project your hatred for Duke onto DePaul, but remember the words of Omar Epps: all’s fair in love and basketball.


I mean no disrespect to the Second City. I’ve never been, but I’m sure it’s a very nice place. However, it definitely does not have a place in any conference called the Big East. DePaul joined the Big East with four other schools in 2005 to bring the conference up to 16 basketball teams, and today serves as the easiest argument against overexpansion.

The rich history and local rivalries of the old Big East are diluted each time a team is forced to travel half way across the country to take on DePaul. That may be a little hyperbolic, but really, what has DePaul brought to the Big East in five years? If DePaul can regain some of its former glory and become nationally relevant like fellow 2005 addition Louisville, then its geographical failings can be forgiven. Until then, hate away.

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  1. ehh, the conference as it stands won’t last past the current tv expiration date (2013?) but for now having a game at least every other year in Chicago/Rosemont is good for us midwest Hoyas.

    But I would be fine with keeping Marquette in as it will have the same benefit.

  2. As a Georgetown Alum from Chicago, I find your attack on the windy city and the distance to DePaul misguided. While Boston is only a little less distance to drive to than Chicago, there are lots more metropolitan areas between Boston and DC then between Chicago and DC. Therefore far fewer people have driven from Chicago to D.C. Marquette and Notre Dame are far closer to DePaul then to most of the other Big East Schools so with those 2 schools and Louisville, DePaul defines the western edge of the Big East. Chicago and the Midwest to anyone who has ever looked at a map of the US is really more the mideast then the midwest as Chicago to the Eatern Coast is less than 700 miles and more than 1500 to the West Coast. Georgetown and DePaul have played games in Basketball since long before DePaul joined the Big East. The perk to the Chicago Georgetown Alum is that now the Georgetown Depaul game is at least every other year. Eventually one hopes that the Big East will recruit the midwest over the Big 10 and further dominate the basketball world.

  3. I think Chicago is a natural place for the Big East to be, so I think the author is a little off base (especially considering he’s never been … Chi-town is a GREAT city). As jjental points out, Chicago is geographically in the eastern part of the country and quite proximal to several Big East schools. The Big East’s existence is based on schools located in major eastern media markets. Obviously Chicago fits that bill. It’s also a place from which many Hoyas come and to which many Hoyas go.

    As for what DePaul has brought to the Big East in the last few seasons; the same thing Rutgers, South Florida, and St John’s (first week in March vs. Gtown notwithstanding) have: wins for their opponents.

  4. After ’13, we will be glad to have a mid-east component [DePaul, Marquette, ND] since we’ll probably lose Pitt, West Va.. L’villle, and Cinci. to a football group.

    FL is the odd state but B’East alumni there will undoubtedly plump for a replacement for USF.

    Who gets to keep the name?

  5. I admit the Chicago criticism was a stretch. Just the east coast bias of a typical New Jersey Georgetown student coming out I suppose. Your comments have convinced me that playing a few games out “west” isn’t so bad.

    Basically it came down to Chicago or finding something to hate about Will Walker. The real lesson here is that DePaul just isn’t a very interesting team.

  6. Suggestion: Big East should divide into two divisions West and East, invite Butler to join the West division, split it up like this: Pitt, Cincy, Louisville, Butler, West Virginia, Depaul, Marquette, Notre Dame in the West; UConn, Syracuse, Providence, Seton Hall, Rutgers, St. Johns, USF, Georgetown, Villanova in the East. 8 and 9 teams respectively. Top four teams from each guaranteed the big east tournament, another four spots decided by overall conference record. Just a thought.

  7. I like it, but why does the conference need an extra team? Wouldn’t an 8-8 split make more sense?

  8. Yeah an 8-8 split would make more sense, but in my opinion moving Gtown, Syrause, or Nova to the West division wouldn’t make much geographic sense, and it would diminish the frequency/importance of rivalry games. Perhaps moving USF to the West, since they’re so far away anyway, would be the better idea, instead of inviting Butler to join.


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