Remix Your Weekend: RAC, Kesha, + Lady Gaga

Most music posts these days are looking back at all the top 40 wonders, remixes, mash-ups, and all-around ridiculousnesses of 2009, although those who know me may note my overall nostalgic temperament, when it comes to music (and the new year) there’s no time for looking back, only onward and upwards.

The first song is a little re-do by Pitbull of Kesha’s now-ubiquitous club hit “Tik Tok,” which I am still inclined to call “Tick Tock (P-Diddy).” It’s honestly not that great of an addition, admittedly, and Pitbull only offers a rap intro for the main song, but I’m always one for re-makes of songs that keep old, sometimes overplayed songs fresh and alive at parties.

Better jams after the jump!

The second song for this week is an RAC remix of “Heavy Cross,” The Gossip’s well known song. I first ran into RAC when they remixed Ra Ra Riot’s “Each Year,” which I of course loved.

The collective of international remixers uses the same magical touch while remixing “Heavy Cross,” softening the original keyboard progressions into a fantastic intro for the song, and it stays truer to the original track than Fred Falke’s version, which is arguably better if you’re into Falke’s house remixes.

This track was featured on RAC’s Vol 1.5 which came out on December 25, along with remixes of U2, Honeytheives, and Hockey. If you fancy a listen to the other songs check them out here.

I also found an unreleased Gaga tune by the name of “Kandy Life.” If you’re hoping for another “Bad Romance” or “Paparazzi” you’ll be disappointed, but I figured people might want to check it out. It’s definitely a bit of a slow jam, but hey, any song talking about how awesome it is to be a Pop Diva is O.K. in my book.

School will be starting soon enough, so get as much rest in as you can before you are forced to balance weeks of hard work with weekends of booty-shaking.

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