LateNightShots throws a terrible New Year’s Eve party

latenightshotsI went to a house party that looked like that for just $10!

Whatever you did for New Year’s Eve, you probably had a better time than if you’d partied with the LateNightShots crew, the preppy, mostly Republican coterie that throws invite-only fundraisers in and around Georgetown bars.

On December 31, 2009, founder Reed Landry and member and Georgetown graduate Fritz Brogan (COL ’07) (whom the Voice once dubbed the ultimate Hoya) threw a $100-a-head NYE gala in the National Building Museum. And if the torrent of mail directed at DCist and comment on the Washington Post‘s reader review page are any indication, it sucked out loud.

“Total chaos all night, alcohol ran out by 11pm, and the building was ultimately destroyed on the inside.”

“Last night was by far one of the worst events I’ve ever attended. It took 45 minutes to get in. It was like the bread line during the Great Depression. Once we got in, there were more lines…lines for the bar, lines for the coat check, lines for the restroom.”

Those are some choice quotes from indignant partygoers who wrote in to DCist (partygoers who, DCist does not fail to remind us, paid $100 to go to a NYE party).

Here’s another from WeLoveDC:

“How to begin? To say this event was terrible does not begin to describe the across-the-board disaster that was New Years 2010 at the National Building Museum. Lines in the rain? Check. Lines for the bathroom? Check. People peeing in janitor’s closets? Check. People stealing bottles of Vodka from behind the bar? Check. People throwing potted plants in the fountain when the booze ran out at 10:30? check. Were our coats stolen? You betcha! Were we almost trampled to death near the coat room? Definitely. This experience cost $100? Seriously?”

In the way of retaliation, the terrible, awful party has prompted a Facebook page, entitled “Fritz Brogan and Reed Landry should not throw a NYE party” where disappointed denizens are venting their anger and one is suggesting that they use those $50 gift certificates to Landry’s bars that he offered as an apology to buy food for homeless people, increasing vagrancy around the bars.

At the Post reader review page, someone provided a link to the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration’s complaint form and urged others to fill it out with complaints that Brogan’s bars are accepting fake ideas.

To DCist, one complainant wrote that his or her New Year’s resolution was to avoid parties hosted by the LNS crowd. Vox suggests he or she modifies it to blanket-ban all parties with anyone who compares waiting for booze with waiting for bread while starving.

Via DCist

Photo from Fritz Brogan and Reed Landry should not throw a NYE party

10 Comments on “LateNightShots throws a terrible New Year’s Eve party

  1. If they didn’t accept fake ideas, how else would they be so popular with douchebag Republicans with entitlement complexes?

  2. all uppercase, internet abbreviations, and doubling up on exclamation points? wittiest comeback ever.

  3. that’s the point of the joke: the typo fits.

  4. “Vox suggests he or she modifies it to blanket-ban all parties with anyone who compares waiting for booze with waiting for bread while starving.”

    POINT to Vox. Excellent observation. It’s sometimes easy to forget how lucky we are. Also, the photo of plants in the fountain – wow. I heard about that, but got the heck out of that party before witnessing the destruction. That’s shameful. Poor Building Museum :(

  5. You all honestly think that in the age of Obama that there were 3000 twenty-somethings something Republicans at this party? I doubt there are 3000 Republicans in DC anymore, let alone 3000 twenty-somethings. A pretty poor assumption on your part, though I understand it is all the rage to bash the Republicans.

    Face it, this was a group of incredibly disrespectful college kids and early post grads. That is not exactly the Republican base.

  6. Fritz & Reed sold tickets to the general public to fund their own “super VIP” private party rooms with their inside circle. They partied it up on everyone else’s gullibility. Karma’s a bitch.

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