We Are Georgetown and You Aren’t: Marquette Preview


This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for tonight’s game at Marquette, here are three reasons to hate the Golden Eagles:

They’re due

Before the season began, the Big East coaches picked Marquette to finish 12th in the conference. If you only look at wins and losses, that ranking might seem justified; the Golden Eagles are losers of five of their last eight games and have opened conference play 0-2.

However, those numbers don’t show that all five losses were close games against major conference opponents, or that Marquette lost those two Big East games by a combined three points to top-10 West Virginia and Villanova. The Golden Eagles are a team due for a win, and a No. 12 Georgetown squad, fresh off two relatively easy wins and with a Saturday match-up against No. 13 Connecticut looming, comes into Milwaukee with a big target on its back.

It is hard to think the Hoyas won’t be prepared for the Golden Eagles after seeing how tough they played WVU and ‘Nova, but if they approach Marquette like the 12th-best team in the Big East, they will lose.

Lazar Hayward

Marquette’s best player is only 6-foot-6, but that qualifies him as a big man on this undersized Golden Eagles team. Hayward certainly didn’t let his size keep him from playing big against the Hoyas last season, going off for 23 points in the teams’ first meeting and then putting up a double-double in a rematch at the Verizon Center. Marquette won both games.

The senior, a preseason All-Big East selection, now averages 18.9 points and 7.3 rebounds, both team-highs, and is the linchpin of this Golden Eagles squad. Capable of playing both down low and on the perimeter, Hayward could cause serious match-up problems for the Hoyas’ bigs.

If someone is going to beat the Hoyas for the third straight time, it is going to be Hayward.

Ring Out Ahoya

“Hoyas” is a pretty unique nickname. You don’t expect to see the Greek word for ‘what’ many other places in the NCAA landscape. Yet fellow Jesuit university Marquette somehow ends up with the suspiciously similar “ahoya” in its fight song.

Much like our “Hoya,” the origins of “ahoya” are unclear, but I like to believe Wikipedia when it says it was brought to Marquette by faculty moving between the two schools. In other words, it was stolen from Georgetown by defecting professors. Whatever the case, I’d be willing to let bygones be bygones if the Golden Eagles hadn’t made such poor use of the term–let’s just say Ring Out Ahoya is not quite as sophisticated as Georgetown’s fight song.

Also, since Marquette has gone on to become a Big East opponent of the Hoyas, I’m inclined to find a more sinister meaning in the song. “Ring Out Ahoya” sounds suspiciously like “wring out a Hoya,” which seems to imply strangling a Georgetown student. It is a straight-up taunt directed at Georgetown.

3 Comments on “We Are Georgetown and You Aren’t: Marquette Preview

  1. Let’s go Marquette – Let’s play the entire game and see a WIN!

  2. I would bet that every Marquette student knows their fight song.

    I was also hoping you’d bash the hilarious history of the Marquette Gold.

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