Remix Your Weekend: New Ke$ha + Citizen Cope

This week’s songs are on opposite sides of the musical spectrum. The first, a new jam from Ke$ha’s recently dropped album, is a diva pop track about the joys of Boots and Boys, while the second is Citizen Cope’s new nostalgic melody about unforgettable love.

I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of Ke$ha lately, and I almost feel bad about it. It’s not that I am overly obsessed with her music (thought Tik Tok, overplayed now, is still a pretty sweet party tune). But I do feel like I should post her new, “Boots and Boys,” seeing as I’ve been ranting and raving about her in past posts.

“Boots and Boys” is probably what would be expected from Ke$ha on Animal, her full length album: a synth-filled, almost dark ballad about how the only thing Ke$ha cares about are—well, boots and boys. Shallow and weird, I know, but hey, this is the girl that brought us the lyric, “Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack,” so, is it really that out of the norm for this LA transplant? You can hear other songs from her new album here.

Being a Californian born and raised, the acoustics of Citizen Cope, aka Clarence Greenwood, who was coincidentally born and raised in D.C., resonate somewhere in the depths of my spirit. There are few musicians that mold so perfectly to sunny days at the beach, alone or with that special someone. His new track,” Healing Hands,” boasts Greenwood’s usual sultry voice coupled with a little piano and acoustics to create the Citizen Cope track that any fan of his older tracks will love.

That’s all for this week folks. I’ve been in want of good mind-blasting, face-melting, ear-arousing tracks in the past weeks, and for this, I am sincerely sorry. My New Year’s resolutions: Find damn good party music for Remix Your Weekend, eat less Candy, work out, eat green food, and dance like nobody’s watching.

P.s. I also found this funny little mash of Beastie Boys with some Cuban/African jam by a band by the name of Kanda Bongo Man (Mash done by DJ Zebra). Enjoy.

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