Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting to decide the fate of Philly P tomorrow

Depending on the outcome of an impending meeting, the first weekend back at Georgetown may be missing a key ingredient—its ranch-and-pizza mecca.

On Tuesday, the owners of Philly Pizza and Grill will appeal to the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment to reverse another department’s October 19 decision to revoke its license of occupancy. A decision against the establishment may force it to shut down entirely.

It doesn’t help Philly P’s chances that the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners who have been making diligent efforts to shutter the pizza joint recently voted to give themselves the right to testify at Tuesday’s meeting with evidence they have collected against it. They are contending that because Philly P is acting as a carry-out restaurant—even though it is zoned as a sit-down establishment—it is in violation of its license of occupancy.

However, on November 17, the breakdown between dine-in, delivery, and carry-out sales that Philly P’s legal representation presented to the BZA convinced BZA Chair Marc Loud that Philly P could conceivably win Tuesday’s appeal.

Tomorrow, Philly P will need to present a more detailed breakdown of its sales numbers that will show the ratio of take-out, dine-in, and delivery at different hours of the day. (At the November 17 hearing, ANC Commissioner Bill Starrels also requested that an independent source confirm the numbers it presents.)

Vox will be there, whether tomorrow’s hearing frustrates months of community efforts to close or reduce the hours of Philly P—or whether the BZA’s decision is one that will send us all stumbling toward Tuscany Pizza in the wee hours of the morning.

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