ANC Wrap-up: Liechtenstein and preparing to lick Philly P

In December, unplowed side streets disappointed commissioners

On Monday, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission kicked off the New Year with a relatively empty slate of issues, due mostly to the fact that the Old Georgetown Board doesn’t meet in January. Vox couldn’t be there, but afterwards, we caught up with student Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL `11) to hear what happened.

Among the business that did take place, citizens of Liechtenstein will be happy to know that the ANC approved a public space permit for a flagpole for their nation’s embassy on K Street.

The ANC also received an update that the Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue should reopen according to schedule in May. They responded to some construction issues on 35th Street and reviewed the District Department of Transportation’s response to the massive blizzard that enveloped D.C. just a few weeks ago.

Although the ANC was generally satisfied with DDOT’s response, they did offer some criticism.

“The major thoroughfares got plowed in a good timely manner,” Golds said. “The side streets maybe weren’t plowed as quickly. That is something that needs to be looked at and improved. There’s a lot of equipment that’s outdated and needs to be replaced.”

And what would an ANC meeting be without mention of the never-ending Philly Pizza and Grill saga? Whether or not the restaurant will live to see another day could be decided tomorrow when the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment will hear Philly Pizza’s appeal to reverse a decision to revoke its license of occupancy.

ANC members will present their evidence and testify at Tuesday’s Zoning meeting just as they planned to in December. With the exception of Aaron Gold’s lone opposition vote, members maintained their position that Philly P is zoned as a sit-down restaurant but is acting as a restaurant that caters almost exclusively to carry-out fast food in a 5-1 vote.

In any case, it’s clear that when the February meeting rolls around, most members anticipate not even seeing Philly P on the agenda.

Photo by Molly Redden

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