Magis Row houses announced for 2010 – 2011

The new residents of Magis Row have been chosen. Next school year, the bloc of fourteen University townhouses that Georgetown converted into living and learning communities in an attempt to mollify town-gown tensions (and incidentally, they haven’t) will be occupied by the following fourteen themed communities:

  • Hip Hop Justified
  • Nobody Home
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Justice and Diversity in Action
  • Green House
  • Women and Spirituality
  • CLAIM Georgetown
  • Destination DC: Our City Beyond the Hilltop
  • Las Casita
  • Women With and For Others
  • The Melting Pot
  • Cura Personalis

Like this years’ houses, many of the themes fall into two categories: inscrutable names (Nobody Home and and combinations of Georgtown’s favorite words, like justice, diversity, cura personalis, spirituality, and ‘for others’ (although there aren’t as many of these as there were last year).

The list, which was given to Vox by Assistant Director of ResLife Katie Heather, appears to have a few holdovers from this year. It’s not clear whether their residents are the same, but Hip Hop Justified, Nobody Home, Green House, and Justice and Diversity in Action were all Magis Row themes last year.

Photo from Flickr user dclock.

5 Comments on “Magis Row houses announced for 2010 – 2011

  1. Catholic Social Teaching is one from this year as well. The ‘holdovers’ have to have at least half of the current residents living there next year as well.

  2. Just saying because this pic seems to be your go-to picture of Magis Row, but the picture is of the houses on O Street, not 36th Street where Magis Row is.

  3. Oooh, we’re getting a Melting Pot? I love fondue!!

  4. @Steven: I’ve been using the picture as a “generic Georgetown townhouses” photo, but you’re right, I should take the trouble to get an actual Magis Row photo…

  5. Katie Heather and Bill McCoy are the two worst things to ever happen to Georgetown University.

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