New details paint grimmer picture of the latest “Cuddler”-like assault

New information about the sexual assault that occurred on the 3800 block of Calvert Street this Sunday makes the crime appear more serious than it was described by the Metropolitan Police Department e-mail which first reported it.

Jason Cherkis of the Washington City Paper reports that the police report about the crime says that the suspect “thrust[ed] several times” against the woman before she screamed and he ran out of her house.

The e-mail, sent by Lieutenant Kim Gregory, said that an unknown suspect entered the victim’s house, the victim woke up to find him “cuddling her” in her bed, and then the victim screamed and the suspect ran out the back door of her house.

Cherkis pointed out that the extent of the suspect’s crime calls the perp’s nickname into question once again. The “Cuddler,” which MPD officers have said may be several suspects, digitally penetrated one of his victims and put his penis on the thigh of another victim.

Of course, whether inappropriate or not, nearly every news outlet that has reported on this incident has used the “Cuddler” moniker. But how do we make the switch to the “Georgetown Sexual Assailant”?

3 Comments on “New details paint grimmer picture of the latest “Cuddler”-like assault

  1. Why not just call him the “Georgetown Serial Rapist” because that’s what he is?

  2. Actually, that’s not true. As disgusting as this guy is, he hasn’t actually raped anybody (that has been reported).

  3. here we go again…a bunch of misguided activists bending the truth to suit their views. I swear this blog has some really dangerously amock thinkers.
    I shudder to think what kind of society we will be left with when such rampant and loose premature ejaculation of convictions are smattered all over Georgetown. For crying out loud, some of us dont want to turn the Hoyas into a bastion of estrogen- charged emotional laws.
    Granted burglary of all kind is bad, I think Molly and her ilk subject us to deliberate misleading.

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