We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Seton Hall Preview

This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for tonight’s game against Seton Hall, here are three reasons to hate the Pirates:

Jeremy Hazell

Sometimes you can look at Jeremy Hazell’s stat sheet and not be intimidated. 4-of-19 from three-point range? Then you look to the right and realize he finished with 41 points. The 6-foot-5 guard has never seen a shot he hasn’t liked, and unfortunately, there also doesn’t seem to be a shot he can’t make. The junior averages 23.3 points per game and can explode in a scoring barrage at any time. He’s Austin Freeman without a conscience.

“Jeremy is one of the offensive players that what you do is irrelevant, it’s just whether he makes it or not,” head coach John Thompson III said Wednesday. “He has unlimited range, literally. His handle is good enough that he can hit shots off the dribble. What goes not talked about is he’s terrific off the ball also. He gets baskets off of cuts and movement. Literally, with him, it’s just whether he’s making or missing.”

So, yeah, Jeremy Hazell can beat you.

Newark, NJ

Seton Hall is actually located in South Orange, but the Pirates play their home games at the Prudential Center in Newark. And while, as a proud New Jerseyan, I always defend the Garden State, Newark is the one part of Jersey even Snooki couldn’t love. Known for an airport, having its last three mayors indicted on criminal charges, and once being named America’s most dangerous city, Newark doesn’t have a lot going for it. Things have gotten better under current mayor Corey Booker, but the city’s inferiority complex is alive and well.

As a Hoya fan, you shouldn’t just hate Newark because the Big East makes Georgetown travel there every other year. You should hate it because the Hoyas actually lost there last year. Seton Hall served as the middle game in the disastrous three game, three loss road trip that marked the point of no return during the Hoyas’ descent into the abyss. Appropriately, Newark was where the Hoyas high-flying hopes finally crashed and burned.

Marquette Redux

When Georgetown traveled to Marquette last week, they faced a Golden Eagles squad that had suffered a few pre-conference setbacks and then lost two close games against top Big East teams. Marquette needed to win that game, and it did. Now, here comes Seton Hall, a team that like Marquette has played the best of the Big East tight but failed to seal the deal. If the Pirates lose tonight, they will fall to 1-4 in conference play.

“This league is brutal. Every team can beat every other team in this league,” Thompson said. “You can’t, regardless of where you’re sitting, approach any game, ‘Oh, we don’t have to dot our I’s and cross our T’s,’ because you have to in this league.”

JTIII knows that Seton Hall will not go down easily. But the Hoya players will have to prove they are just as hungry as the Pirates tonight.

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