Remix Your Weekend: Hot Chip, Kevin Rudolf, Hood ‘Net + EMI Sucks

One of my many New Year’s Resolutions was to find you great new music, and I feel like this week I’ve gotten closer to my goal. Though I still haven’t found a song I could cry over in some time, I’m pretty excited about this week’s track choices: first off, I’ll post up a track from Hot Chips new One Life Stand, then I have some Kevin Rudolf (if you’ve never heard of him, he’s the guy who brought us the ever-popular “Let it Rock”), and finally, after a bit of a hiatus, the staple Mash-up guru’s The Hood Internet dropped a great new mix.

I’ve had sort of a love hate relationship with Hot Chip for some time, since some of their songs are stupendous and others are a little too experimental-electro for my tastes. It seems, from what I’ve heard, that One Life Stand is sort of business as usual.

The title track is a sort of weirdly electro-jam that I’m not too into, but other tracks, most notably “Theives in the Night” is right up my ally (and hopefully yours) in terms of Hot Chip songs: angelic synth intro that turns into a warning for the listener. The electro backdrop for this track isn’t too in-your-face and spastic, as with some other Hot Chip Songs, which adds points for this track in my book.

The second track, “I Made It,” is a top 40-esque jam from Kevin Rudolf. I had never heard of the man before, so I Googled him. It turns out it’s the same guy who brought us “Let It Rock,” which is an almost equally good sweaty-dance-party song. Admittedly, this track won’t make people get crunk nasty on the dance floor, but it’s notable nonetheless.

Last, but surely not least is another new track from the one and only Hood Internet. People may think I post too many of their mashes, but most of them are so damn good, and I definitely filter out the mis-mashes. This particular track is a blending of DMX and The XX, which makes for great lyrics as DMX lets the listeners know, “X Gonna give it to ya,” which can easily be applied to both bands. Get it, it’s funny, it’s great, AND it’s catchy. That’s a winning combination in my book.

In mash-up news, EMI is getting on DJ Lobsterdust’s case about a Nirvana/Lady Gaga mash (which honestly doesn’t seem like a great combination. C’mon EMI—if you’re gonna go for mash artists, go big or go home) I haven’t posted any of Lobsterdust’s tracks as of yet, because they are mostly mellower in nature and honestly I’m not a huge fan, but it’s still a blow to the mash-up/remix culture.

Apparently, EMI was also sending Cease-and-Desist letters to blogs that were linking people to the Youtube video (which is still up if you wanna watch it). Anyway, I don’t often go on tirades of this nature on Remix Your Weekend, but I just wanted to let people know how ridiculous it is that most of the songs I post on here are technically illegal which is, in my humble opinion, a disgrace against art, culture, and the creativity that begets evolution. If you want to get involved somehow check out the Students For Free Culture website.

Fight the man! And have a great weekend.

2 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Hot Chip, Kevin Rudolf, Hood ‘Net + EMI Sucks

  1. The Hood Internet never ceases to amaze me, they come out with all these tracks, and a fair portion of them are great mashes, they definitly make my job easy, aha.

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