GUTS Bus goes green with biodiesel fuel

As part of Georgetown’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2020, the University has begun using bio diesel to fuel the GUTS buses and other university vehicles. In a University press release, Vice President for Facilities and Student Housing Karen Frank explained that the fuel reduces carbon emissions at low cost to the University, since engines do not have to be converted to run on the fuel.

The fuel is 80 percent diesel petroleum and 20 percent biodiesel. While that may seem like a small percentage, it has contributed to the 17 percent reduction in emissions over the past three years. And that’s not all the University has been doing—those nifty Jesuit golf carts are electric vehicles, and the Outdoor Education program has a van that runs entirely on vegetable oil collected from local restaurants.

Props to Georgetown for getting serious about carbon emission reduction—now howsabout getting rid of those Styrofoam containers in Leo’s?

6 Comments on “GUTS Bus goes green with biodiesel fuel

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  2. I bet driving on a bus route that is half the distance and uses half as much fuel would contribute even more to reducing carbon emissions.

  3. Because the Hoya has never rehashed university propaganda four days after the Voice does

    Bottom line: no one cares. If the Voice were trying to pass off your spectacular investigative journalism as their own, that would be one thing. But don’t gloat because you recapped a university press release before they did.

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