Angert outlines GUSA’s plans for this semester

Calen Angert and his executive office have an ambitious list of goals for what could be their final months in office.

Noting how little time he has left in his term before elections take place in February, Angert told the Voice that his focus will be on solidifying the gains he and others in the executive office had already made. “Our goals will be to really tie up things we began last semester,” Angert said.

Angert said that the executive branch would continue to work on reducing the number of 61D citations issued to students. According to Angert, only three 61D citations were given out last semester. The executive would continue to lower that number, Angert said, by increasing student awareness of the citations and by working with neighborhood groups to resolve the issue of student noise.

Angert and the executive branch are also looking to finally kick off the student-driven Saferides program. “We’ve cleared all the legal hurdles for Saferides, and we’re honestly just waiting on DPS to give us the go ahead,” Angert said.

A program to provide students with discounted meals when they eat with their professors at local restaurants is also on the executive branch’s agenda this spring. “We’ve been in talks with a lot of restaurants in the D.C. area. We’re just waiting to hear back,” Angert said.

One of the last big items on the executive branch’s agenda is new busing system to and from Georgetown basketball games. Angert said that the executive branch was just beginning to assemble the information it needed to explore potential changes, and that even if changes were not made this year, the effort would “get the ball rolling.”

When asked if he were considering running again for the GUSA presidency, Angert said he had not decided whether he would run again or not.

“I think we’ve done a lot of great things, and there [are] a lot of great things we could do, but that’s something Jason and I need to talk about,” Angert said.

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