Georgetown alum’s non-profit raises money for Haiti’s development

Founded in 2009, Jacques-Philippe Piverger’s (MSB ’99) non-profit organization, Global Syndicate, is still in its infancy. But immediately after he heard about the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, his organization launched The Haiti Project, an ambitious fundraising campaign that will host fundraising events in six major U.S. cities.

But unlike a lot of recent fundraisers, The Haiti Project is not just focused on providing immediate relief effort for Haiti—while it is already raising funds, the first event, which will take place in New York City, is not until May 13. The campaign’s focus is on sustaining long-term development in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation as well as disaster relief.

“The focus [of Global Syndicate] is on economic development, health services, and access to education,” Piverger told the Voice. “We are raising funds for Haiti in those key areas. So far, we have raised a little over $20,000.”

Piverger said the fundraiser in New York City is shaping up well, with Bobby Kennedy, Jr., and many New York political figures promising to attend. They have already identified several partners the event will benefit, too—part of the money raised there will go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Another Georgetown alumni, Kristin Johnson, sits on the board of Global Syndicate, and several alumni and Georgetown-affiliated people are helping plan the various Haiti Project events, including Marcia Dyson, an affiliate of the Center for Social Justice and the wife of Professor Michael Eric Dyson.

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