The Voice is brand new!

Last night, the tech doctors peeled back the bandages from the Voice‘s web facelift and were pleased to find that they had successfully given the Georgetown Voice:

  • A redesigned, more navigable website that lets you view more of what the Voice has to offer in each issue
  • A great new look on Twitter, where we now go by @GtownVoice
  • And a prettier Vox Populi, which, now that it’s wider, can assault your eyes with more of its content at once

Check us out!

4 Comments on “The Voice is brand new!

  1. @complainer: We’re trying to troubleshoot- is the banner too big as in you don’t like it, or is the page messed up? Could you reply with your operating system (Mac/Windows) and what browser you’re using?

  2. website looks great….blog is a bit jarring. much better when things were not as wide and centered.

  3. website looks great, guys. the blog is great, too – who did the new “step on the seal” picture?

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