We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Rutgers Preview

This year, Vox is taking a page from Deadspin and New York’s books and giving you a guide for rooting against each of the Hoyas’ Big East opponents. In preparation for Saturday’s game against Rutgers, here are three reasons to hate the Scarlet Knights:


“I don’t think it’s a relief at all. This is the Big East, anything can happen. All the teams are good. I don’t look at them by their record. I see their players and their coaching. They have really good players, and I don’t think it’s a rest at all. It’s going to be a tough game for us.”

That would be Jason Clark, talking about Rutgers. It’s good the Hoyas aren’t looking past any opponent, but to get that psyched up about the Scarlet Knights? On Wednesday night, the Hoyas played a hard-fought game in Pittsburgh, and they have to travel up to Syracuse on Monday, for what should be Georgetown’s biggest game yet this season. All Rutgers stands to do is make the players wake up early on a Saturday when they should be enjoying some rest at home before playing their most hated rival. Hate the Scarlet Knights for making the Hoyas waste their time and energy.

Two times, really?

Rutgers is 0-6 so far in Big East play, good for sole possession of last place. Even an inept DePaul squad, fresh off firing its head coach and losing its best player to injury, has been able to eke out a win against them in conference play. The Scarlet Knights are a sinking ship, helmed by an all-but-finished coach who has made at least one player dream of punching him in the face. And Georgetown gets to play them twice.

Some Hoya fans would see that as a blessing—two (hopefully) easy Big East wins. But fans of good basketball should hate having to watch what should be not just one, but two, Georgetown blowouts. It should be a big win, and maybe walk-on Ryan Dougherty can get his first points as a Hoya, but by the end of the first half you may be wondering if you really want to see another hour of Rutgers this season.

Piscataway, NJ

That’s not a dig at New Jersey, but at the potential for the home of Rutgers to mislead you. It’s hard to ignore—Saturday will be the first Georgetown basketball game since the end of Jersey Shore. Understandably, Hoya fans looking to fill the empty space in their hearts left by the departure of Snookie and Co. might turn to a fellow Garden State product in the Scarlet Knights. But Piscataway is not Seaside Heights, and leading scorer Mike Rosario, despite occasionally rocking a faux-hawk, is no Ronnie. Then again, when you consider all the attempts he takes versus how much he scores, maybe he could be the Situation.

6 Comments on “We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Rutgers Preview

  1. DePaul has not beaten Rutgers this season. They play twice: February 16 at DePaul and February 27 in New Jersey. DePaul’s first conference win since 2008 was this past Wednesday over Marquette.

  2. Man, I wish I worked for a “news” source where I could just type whatever I wanted, publish it, and then wait for readers to correct me.

  3. Big deal. So you’re Georgetown. This garbage is so hokey no matter who claims to be whomever at whatever school. Doesn’t mean anything when everybody says the same thing.

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