Remix Your Weekend: Tom Caruana

School is back in full swing, which sucks. A lot. But, there are still a lot of things we can look forward to: seeing friends, shaking our booties on the dance floor, the coming of Spring, and of course, great Mash-ups.

In the great mash-up tradition of mixing rap artists with the Beatles (Danger Doom did this with Jay-Z a while ago on his seminal Grey Album, and he got in a lot of trouble with The Man as a consequence), producer Tom Caruana mashed up the Beatles with another one of my favorites: Wu-Tang.

He has wittily named the album “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers,” and in my humble opinion, it rocks my socks. You can grab a listen and download the album at his website. Hopefully the Man won’t get a hold of Mr. Caruana the same way he did with Danger Mouse and DJ Lobsterdust. Until that day comes, go and give it a listen/a download!

I know that’s not a lot for this week, and for that I apologize. But it is a whole album of amazing mashed goodness which should more than satisfy your new music needs. Hopefully people will start releasing party-starting remixes and mashes soon, but in the interim, rock out to the amazingness of the Beatles mixed with the venerable Wu-Tang Clan.

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