The Week In Photos: Petraeus, Die-Ins, and Pauly D

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Photography by: Matthew Funk (slides 1-3), Lexie Herman (slides 4-6), Hilary Nakasone (slide 7), Jackson Perry (slides 8-9), and Jue Chen (slides 10-11)

6 Comments on “The Week In Photos: Petraeus, Die-Ins, and Pauly D

  1. I’m sorry, but why the heck didn’t Vox have an article about the Petraeus event? For shame vox..

  2. I’ve been waiting all weekend to read the ridiculous comments that the Petraeus event would incite. Come on vox!

  3. @Common Sense and @Senior:
    I was pretty disappointed we didn’t get an article, too. Vox just couldn’t get someone to cover the Petraeus speech, and so we didn’t find out about the protesters for a while afterward.
    Sorry to let you down!

  4. Yeah, but no one comments so it’s not as fun to read.

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