We Are Georgetown and You’re Not: Syracuse Special Edition

You don’t need to be told why you should hate Syracuse. If you are a Georgetown fan, you already despise the Orange. With that in mind, We Are Georgetown will break from its usual format and dig deeper, providing you a hateful breakdown of the Syracuse starting five:

Brandon Triche

When star point guard Jonny Flynn left for the NBA after last season, few expected the Orange to actually improve. But so far this Syracuse team looks just as good as, if not better than, last year’s Sweet Sixteen squad.

Triche is hardly the same caliber of player as Flynn, but as a freshman he has proved capable of manning the point for a top-five team. He has shown the kind of precociousness that the Hoyas haven’t seen since—well, actually, I guess there was that Greg Monroe guy last year. But no freshman should be able to run an offense so easily in the rough-and-tumble Big East. Also, he sucks at Twitter.

Andy Rautins

If there’s one player on this current ‘Cuse squad that epitomizes Orange basketball, it’s Rautins. Like Gerry McNamara, or, going way back, his dad, Leo Rautins, the guard is a scrappy, versatile player and a lights-out shooter.

Also like them, he seems to stick around forever—the 23-year-old enrolled at Syracuse in 2005. But while it’s easy enough to be infuriated whenever Rautins pulls up for a three, that’s hardly the main reason to hate him. Despite being born in Jamesville, New York, Rautins plays for the Canadian national basketball team. Andy Rautins is a traitor.

Rick Jackson

Jackson is just another boring, workman-like post player. The 6-foot-9 junior is the Orange’s dominant big man, but his dominance basically comes from sticking his big body down low and doing the kind of inelegant muscling that sends sports writers rushing to Roget’s looking for synonyms for blue-collar. You might think that his unassuming style of play would make it hard to find something to hate about him, but thankfully Jackson has made it easy for you (and me) by calling himself “Trash Man.” He’s calling himself garbage, and you should too.

Arinze Onuaku

Onuaku may be the nation’s worst free throw shooter. Frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing how bad he is. The big man is ostensibly one of the nation’s best young basketball players, but I’m confident that any student picked at random off the court at Yates could beat him in a free throw shooting contest. He is shooting 45.8 percent from the charity stripe this season, which is actually a major improvement from last year’s 29.8 percent mark. 29.8 percent! He got to go to college for free to play basketball, but he couldn’t hit an uncontested 15-footer three times out of ten. I could go on, but just watch.

Wes Johnson

Johnson is really, really good. That, combined with the fact he wears Orange, is plenty of reason to hate him. He transferred to Syracuse from Iowa State, sat out last season, and is now a front-runner for Big East player of the year and a surefire top-10 NBA draft pick. Hate him because he’s more than capable of dropping 20 points and 20 rebounds, and he’s only 6-foot-7. Hate him because Jim Boeheim is going to get credit for bringing in a player who has bounced around so much. Hate him because he’s the guy on the Orange who will beat you. And be thankful he’s probably gone after this year.

Photo from Flickr user mase4ya2002 used under a Creative Commons license.

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