At Rhino, NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes whip Georgetown students in flip cup

Next time you open your mouth to insult the Georgetown Bro, consider that your assumptions about his species may be false. He may be nowhere near as good at flip cup as you may suppose.

At least, he probably can’t flip at the professional level. Several members of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes proved that on Saturday night when, coming off a 4-2 loss to the Capitals, they were challenged to several games of flip cup by some Georgetown undergraduates at Rhino Bar and Pumphouse, whom they appeared to have trounced 3-0.

NBC Washington‘s Kate Michael said it went like this:

“We don’t do beer on tap,” quipped one of the toothless titans, “so it’ll have to be Miller Lite bottles.” ….

“This is probably the coolest game I’ve ever seen put together in this place,” Rhino manager Dave Nelson said as the first round began.

Despite their routine and intense studies in the field of flip cup, the students were stunned by the icemen’s skills at the toss.  And the Coyotes got a rare off-the-ice chance at a hat trick as the students begged to bet on the “best of three.”

So much for the skills to match our popped-collar image.

D.C. Sports Blog‘s Dan Steinberg adds insult to injury by reminding his readers that several years ago, many judged Georgetown to be inferior at flip cup to nearby George Washington University, although they based their conclusions on only meager scientific evidence.

Above, the Coyotes make quick work of some Hoyas.

Photo by Kate Michael for NBC Washington.

13 Comments on “At Rhino, NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes whip Georgetown students in flip cup

  1. It was 2-1, hence the reason why there was a rubber match in the best of 3 flip cup series.

  2. Unclear—the reporter said that the third round gave the Coyotes a shot at hat-trick and doesn’t say who won the last round. Maybe she doesn’t know what that is.

  3. Maximos crushed the competition at the table. It was his teammates that failed him

  4. Yea, word is that kid was trying to get the owner dave

  5. [Portion of comment deleted by editor]. Georgetown forever.

  6. word up to Scotty 2 Hottay.

    and props on the man whose name is Buck Angel… i sympathize with you for knowing all to well who that is.

  7. “And the Coyotes got a rare off-the-ice chance at a hat trick as the students begged to bet on the ‘best of three.’ ”

    Wow Molly, you’re looking to Kate Michael for journalistic integrity and basic comprehension? Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

  8. You censor something by BlueChips but not [censored] by Buck Angel?


    [Portion of comment deleted by editor].

  9. John,
    Because of an error I’m still trying to discover in WordPress, the comment was submitted last night (I get an e-mail whenever there’s a comment on a post) but was not visible on the WordPress dashboard or the post, at least to me, until about an hour ago.

    Just know, Vox is set up so that comments are automatically approved when they are submitted, unless they have several hyperlinks. I read every single comment, but not necessarily before it is posted.

    I do my best to check comments for spam and anything that violates our comment policy almost constantly, and most of our commenters are very diligent about following the guidelines we’ve published. Of course, occasionally, spam or an offensive comment will remain in the comments section for too long, and for that I apologize.

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