District’s DCRA is cracking down on unlicensed Georgetown landlords

Yesterday, the D.C. Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs mailed letters to over 125 Georgetown University-area landlords it believes are renting properties without a valid business license. The letters issue an ultimatum: apply for a business license and have their properties inspected within 10 days, or DCRA will take “enforcement action.”

The DCRA has intensified its focus on policing university-area property owners since it launched the Collegiate Off-Campus Housing Initiative last Fall. When the school year began in 2009, it launched a website for student renters in the District, ThisShouldBeIllegal.com, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook page all aimed at helping students determine whether their landlords were properly licensed to rent to them.

Voice News will have more information on Thursday.

Photo from the Collegiate Off-Campus Housing Initiative’s Facebook.

3 Comments on “District’s DCRA is cracking down on unlicensed Georgetown landlords

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  2. DCRA isn’t cracking down on much. I’ve called and scheduled 3 appointments for an inspector to come out–a free service that they are supposed to provide to the community in order to protect tenant’s rights– and each time my inspector either hasn’t been in the office that day and has never called back to reschedule or has told me that he’ll “maybe get to” my house after looking at all of the *PAID* ones that were on his list before (only because the woman in the complaints office had to add me onto someone’s list on short notice after the other inspector didn’t show up twice in a row). They can’t crack down on landlords until they actually start doing something other than hyping their website. Their actual services SUCK!

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